Free Woodworking Plans for Beginners

Woodworking can seem a little intimidating at first, but with a neat guide and some perseverance, it can actually be pretty fun and rewarding. So here’s a tip, try doing small and easy projects first before diving into complicated wood crafts. This way, you won’t get frustrated and quit woodworking altogether. There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting small. In fact, it is a great way to develop skills in any field.


When you tackle big and challenging projects right away, chances are you’ll end up being discouraged and frustrated when the project turns out to be too difficult. Tackling small and easy projects enables you to gain and build skills and confidence. These two things are very important if you are to keep doing what you are doing. From there, you can gradually level up the difficulty of your projects. Who knows, maybe you can even turn your hobby into a career by selling your woodworks.


To build your skills, here are some free woodworking projects that you can try:

Double Function Chopping Board/Serving Tray

Difficulty level: 3/10

Free cutting board projectThis functional and unique project is easy to do. After the end of the project you can have a chopping board that instantly transforms into a serving tray.

You can finish this project in just one day and it only costs around $20. The materials needed are a drill, sander, jigsaw and tape measure as well as 3 maple boards, dowels, and walnut strips for the handle.

When gluing your pieces together, make sure to use water-proof glue to keep your project from falling apart when you wash it. Also, make sure that you cut the boards as evenly as you can so the end product will only need a bit of light sanding to even out the surface.

Wooden bench

Difficulty level: 4/10

Woodworking Tools - Hand SawSpice up your backyard by adding a wooden bench. You can do this project even if you are just a beginner. However, it is recommended that you try this project after doing a few easier ones (there are many in this list) since you will need skills in proper measurement and cutting.

You can build this bench by using screws and wooden boards. It will take just a couple of hours and cost around $25. It’s pretty cheap for a stylish bench.

Finish up your project with paint or coating. Apply multiple layers so your bench doesn’t get scratched easily. Enjoy relaxing on your wooden bench with a good book and a cup of tea!

Coat and Hat Rack

Difficulty level: 2/10

Free woodworking projectEven a novice woodworker can finish this project in under an hour. The procedures are really simple and straightforward. Make sure you choose hooks that are big and sturdy enough to hold your coats and hats securely.

For less than $10, you can have a fabulous rack for your hats and coats and a clutter-free doorway!

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Difficulty level: 2/10

Does your bookshelf look unorganized and cluttered no matter how many times you arrange it? It’s probably because your books keep on slipping and toppling over each other. Well, worry no more because in this project, you can create stylish bookends using scrap pieces of hardwood, a miter saw, and wood glue.

Give your bookends an even more personalized look by painting and decorating them. Total cost for this project is under $5 and it is a very simple and easy woodworking project.

Wooden Sleeve for Sofa

Difficulty level: 3/10

Woodworking tools - Coping sawThis sofa sleeve functions as a cup holder to keep your sofa free from coffee and juice stains. It is very easy to assemble, even for a beginner. All you need are 3 pieces of wooden boards with equal lengths, wood glue, jigsaw, and plywood.

When gluing your wooden boards, make sure to wipe excess glue right away as it will be more difficult to remove when you allow it to dry.  Do not forget to apply several coats of polyurethane to help protect your project from condensation and moisture.

Wine Rack

Difficulty level: 2/10

Free woodworking project - wine rackWhat better way to display your wine collections than through a DIY rack? This project is real simple yet elegant. Estimated time to finish this project is one hour and will cost you only $15. The materials you need are a wooden plank, pencil, drill press, sandpaper, and tape measure.

You may want to adjust the dimensions indicated in the tutorial depending on the number of bottles you want to display and the dimension of the available plank.

For finishing touches, apply paint or stain and you will have a rack that is fit for displaying your prized bottles of wine. Remember to hang your wine rack in a relatively high place so as to keep the bottles away from reach of children.


Difficulty level: 2/10

Free woodworking project - bird houseThis cute and easy woodworking project can be done solo or you can team up with your little one for a fun and creative bonding experience. When working with your kids, make sure that they are under close supervision and away from sharp and dangerous tools.

You will need an 8-inch-long dowel rod, 5-inch-long PVC pipe, 2 eyehooks, wire or chain, nails, 2 square 5 x 5 inches board, and 2 pieces of plywood. Altogether, the project will cost around $15 and will take two hours to complete.

In inserting the dowel, make sure that it fits tightly into the holes and does not wobble. Your little one can also add some paint and decorations to make the birdhouse colorful and attractive.

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Wooden Doormat

Difficulty level: 2/10

Woodworking tools - CompassIf you want to spice up your front door a little and make it more inviting, this easy and free woodworking project will surely help you. Placing a wooden doormat on your front door adds a little variety and uniqueness to an otherwise ordinary and boring surrounding.

All you need to get started are cedar or pine 2×2’s and some rope, this project will cost you less than $5 depending on the type of wood you are going to use. Pine is cheaper than cedar, but cedar will last longer.

Tips: When weaving the rope through the wood, make sure that you tie the knots tightly so your mat doesn’t wobble. Depending on the type of rope you used, it may wear out with use and loosen or stretch after some time. If this happens, simple retie the rope or replace it completely. This project can be completed within two hours.

Candle Holder

Difficulty level: 2/10

Woodworking projects - carvingDo you have lots of tea candles lying around? Put them in a nice and cozy-looking holder and you might finally end up using them for a romantic dinner.

The best part about this project is that you don’t have to spend a single cent. You can just use scrap pieces of wood from your previous wood projects and the usual woodworking tools and materials.

You can alter the length and width of the woods prescribed in the tutorial depending on your preference. Just keep in mind that your wood has to be wider than the diameter of your candle.

Tip: use and combine different kinds of wood with different texture and color to make your candle holder more interesting. When you drill the holes, make sure that their depths are at least a quarter of the height of the candles so they won’t fall out. For finishing touches, sand the holder as well as the inside of the hole and then stain the entire thing for a more polished look. This project is best placed in a coffee or bedside table or in the dining room for a candlelight dinner.

Plant Box

Difficulty level: 2/10

Free woodworking project - plant boxSimilar to the candle holder, this project is also easy and cheap. If you still have more wood scraps lying around your workshop, (which most woodworkers do) you can use them to make this adorable plant box so you don’t actually have to spend any money.

Before making the plant box, determine first what kind of plant you are going to put in it. You need to do this to make sure that the dimensions of your plant box suit your plant. If you are going to put large plants, go for a big plant box but if you want to put dainty flowers and ornaments, you can make a small plant box.

In screwing the boards together, make sure that the edges are flush and do not forget to drill holes in the bottom to serve as drainage. Otherwise, water will get trapped inside the box and your plant may die. You may also opt to add a nylon screen to hold the soil and prevent damage to the box.

Cookbook Stand

Difficulty level: 3/10

If you love to cook, then this project is perfect for you. All you need are slabs of wood with dimensions of 11 x 12.5 inches (1 piece for the back), 11 x 2.25 inches (2 pieces for the bottom and ledge), and 9 x 12 inches (for the stand). You will also need a clamp, miter saw, glue and screws.

You’ll be spending less than $15 and 2 hours of your time on this project and you can have a neat-looking stand for almost anything.

This project can also double as a tablet stand when looking up recipes from the internet. Just make sure to keep it away from water source or anything that might spill to protect both your gadget and stand.

Wooden Pen Holder

Difficulty level: 1/10

Woodworking ToolsAre you tired of constantly arranging and organizing your pens and pencils on your desk or cleaning after your kid’s mess? Do you love collecting pens and pencils? Are you a writer, a calligrapher, or an artist?

If you answered yes in any of the questions above, then this project is for you. Keep all those pens and pencils in one place using this cute and functional pen holder.

Aside from being useful, this is also a very easy woodworking project. A woodworker never runs out of scrap wood so in this project, you can put more of that scrap to use. All you need is a piece of 4 x 4 and a drill.

When you drill, make sure that the hole is big enough to fit a pen in. Sand, paint and decorate to your heart’s content!

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Beginner Tips for Woodworking Projects

There will be times when you really want to do a certain project, but you lack certain tools or materials. In this case, be creative and improvise. Remember that you don’t always have to follow each tutorial to the letter. Put those creative juices at work and look for alternatives that you can use to complete your project.


Furthermore, do not limit yourself to a few projects. If you happen to stumble on a project and just can’t finish it, look for other tutorials. There are plenty of woodworking projects that you can do even as a beginner. Keep in mind that your creativity is the only limit to what you can do. Do not be afraid to explore. Ask for help if you must, there are a lot of resources available on the internet and lots of friendly woodworkers who would be happy to help you.


When the going gets tough, just press on. Nobody became an expert after a day’s worth of work. So, smile, create, and inspire! Happy woodworking!